Lancaster Management Services, Inc.
launches new not for profit

Large market services in small market centers........                                 Lancaster Management Services, Inc. launches new not for profit for kids - 4tEmbrace.......

I & D Services

          Reliable, and cost effective.

Installation and Dismantling  Services (I & D Services)

  Lancaster Management Services, Inc.’s key focus is I & D Service, the foundation of our outstanding reputation. A successful I & D Services relationship comes down to two things that we are fully committed to: 
  1. Trust, and 
  2. Fairness
At Lancaster, we are committed to getting your job done, done right, and at a fair price. 
  With every project and every client, no matter how large or how small, we deploy a consistent philosophy:
  • Detailed pre-planning eliminates on-site problems
  • Experienced labor force delivering high productivity
  • Responsive site management
  • We are available 24/7
Let’s face it, unexpected challenges are bound to pop up on the exhibit floor. It’s the nature of the beast. Our professionals accept these challenges with enthusiasm and determination. We expect the unexpected, and therefore we don’t punish you like everyone else with attitude and ridiculous charges.


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